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Saints and Feasts:

Hieromartyr Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop of Greater Armenia

Venerable Gregory, Abbot of Pelshme, Wonderworker of Vologda

Michael, Metropolitan of Kiev

Rhipsime and Gaiana and 32 other Virgin martyrs of Armenia

70 Martyrs with Saint Rhipsime

Michael, Prince of Tver

Venerable Two Nun Martyrs

Martyr Stratonicus

Martyr Mardonius

Holy 1000 Martyrs

Antoninus, soldier of the Theban Legion, martyred on the banks of the Trebbia near Piacenza in Italy

Enghenedl of Anglesey in Wales

Honorius, Archbishop of Canterbury in England

Laurus (Lery), Founder of Saint-Léry, on the River Doneff

Martyr Leopardus, servant or slave in the household of Julian the Apostate

Midan (Nidan) of Anglesey in Wales

Tancred, Torthred and Tova, Two hermits and an anchoress martyred by the Danes at Thorney in England

Victor and Ursus, Two soldiers connected with the Theban Legion and venerated in Soleure in Switzerland

New Hieromartyr Prokopius (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs Peter, Viacheslav, Peter and Martyr Alexis (+1937)

New Hieromartyr Leonid (+1938)

New Martyr Nicholas (in monasticism, Seraphim) Zagorovsky (+1943)

Repose of Blessed Jerome (Hieronymus) of Stridonium

Repose of Archimandrite Gerasim of Alaska (+1969)

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