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Saints and Feasts:

Great Martyrs Sophia and her three daughters Faith (Pistis), Hope (Elpida) and Love (Agape), at Rome

Hieromartyrs Heraclides and Myron, Bishops of Tamassos in Cyprus

Martyr Agathocleia

Martyr Theodota of Cappadocia, at Nicaea

Martyrs Lucy and her son Geminian of Rome

156 Martyrs of Palestine, including: Hieromartyrs Peleus and Nilus, Bishops of Egypt, Zeno the Priest, and Patermuthius and Elias

Martyrs Maximus, Theodotus and Asclepiodotus, of Marcianopolis in Thrace

Charalampus, Pantelon and companions

Flocellus, a youth martyred in Autun in France

Hieromartyr Justin the Confessor

Narcissus and Crescendo, early saints in Rome

Socrates and Stephen, early martyrs venerated in Britain

Theodora, a noble lady of Rome devoted to the service of the martyrs during the persecution of Diocletian

Satyrus of Milan, elder brother of St Ambrose of Milan in Italy

Rodingus (Rouin) of Tholey near Trier

Hieromartyr Lambert, Bishop of Maastricht

Columba, a nun at Tábanos, martyred in Cordoba in Spain for rejecting Islam

Unni (Huno), Bishop of Bremen-Hamburg

Euxiphius of Cyprus

Venerable Anastasius of Perioteron, in Cyprus, Wonderworker

Joachim I, Patriarch of Alexandria

Innocent, Archimandrite, of Glinsk Hermitage

New Hieromartyrs of the St. Nicholas Koryazha Monastery, Arkhangelsk (+1918): Paul (Moiseyev) and Theodosius (Sobolev), the Archimandrites, and Nicodemus (Shchapkov) and Seraphim (Kulakov), the Hieromonks

Virgin-martyr Irene Frolov (+1931)

Martyr John Korotkov (+1941)

Virgin-martyr Alexandra Hvorostyannikova (+1943)

Icon of the Mother of God of Constantinople (“Tsaregrad”)

Icon of the Mother of God of Macariev (“Directress”)

Repose of Blessed Agapitus, disciple of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

Repose of lay recluse Matthew of St. Petersburg (+1904)

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