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Saints and Feasts:

Great-martyr Eustathius Placidas, his wife Martyr Theopistes, and their sons Martyrs Agapius and Theopistus, of Rome

New Monk-martyr Hilarion the Cretan, of St. Anne’s Skete, Mt. Athos, at Constantinople

Martyrs Artemidorus and Thallos

Martin, Pope of Rome and Maximus the Wise Confessor

Martyr John the Confessor of Egypt, and with him 40 martyrs

Theodore and Euprepius, and two men named Anastasius the Confessors

Hieromartyrs Hypatius, Bishop of Ephesus and Andrew the Presbyter, Confessors of the Holy Icons

Venerable John the Godbearer of Crete

Venerable Meletius, Bishop of Cyprus

Candida, virgin-martyr in Carthage in North Africa

Glycerius, Archbishop of Milan and Confessor

Vincent Madelgarius the Benedictine

Martyr Eusebia of Saint-Cyr, Benedictine Abbess of a convent in Marseilles in France, with her 40 nuns

Eustathius, Archbishop of Thessalonica

Holy Martyrs Blessed Prince Michael of Chernigov, and his counsellor Theodore, the Wonderworkers

Oleg Romanovich, Prince of Bryansk
Right-believing Prince John of Putyvl, Ukraine

New Hieromartyr Anatole (Kamensky), Archbishop of Irkutsk (+1925)

New Hieromartyrs Theoctistus Smelnitsky and Alexander Tetiuyev (+1937)

Synaxis of the icon of Panagia Voulkaniotissa, in Messinia

Synaxis of the Saints of Bryansk

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