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Saints and Feasts:

Holy and Glorious Apostle Thomas

New Monk-martyr Macarius of St. Anne’s Skete, Mt. Athos, at Prusa in Bithynia

Virginmartyr Erotheis of Cappadocia

Venerable Cindeus of Cyprus, the Wonderworker

Hilarion the New, John, Joseph of Lythrodonta, Calantius of Tamasia, Cassian of Glyphas and Cassian of Axylus, in Cyrpus

Venerable Gregory of Chantzteli

Aurea, Abbess in Boves

Ceollach, Bishop of the Mercians or Mid-Angles

Cumine the White, Abbot of Iona and wrote a life of St Columba

Epiphania of Santa Maria della Caccia in Pavia in Italy

Virgin Martyr Faith (Foi) in Agen in the south of France

Magnus, Bishop of Oderzo on the Adriatic and later of Heraclea

Pardulf (Pardoux), Hermit and Abbot of Guéret

Romanus, Bishop of Auxerre in France

Innumerable Martyrs of Trier in Germany

New Hieromartyr John (+1937)

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos “All-Hymned Mother”

Glorification in 1977 of Saint Innocent, Enlightener of the Aleuts and Apostle to the Americas

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