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Saints and Feasts:

The Finding of the Precious Relics of the Holy Apostles Andronicus and Junia and the Holy Martyrs, at the Gate of Eugenius at Constantinople

Our Righteous Fathers Thalassius and Baradatus

Anthousa the Martyr and her 12 Servants

Martyrs Maurice, Photinus, Theodore, Philip and 70 Soldiers at Apamea in Syria

Venerable Thalassius, Limnaeus and Baradates, Hermits of Syria

Athanasius the Confessor of Constantinople

Telesphorus, Bishop of Rome

Blaise the Bishop

Ariston the Wonderworker, Bishop of Arinoe, Cyprus

Abilius (Avilius), Bishop of Alexandria

Papius of Hierapolis

Martyr Synesius

Titus, Bishop of Bostra in Arabia

Ariston the Wonderworker, Bishop of Arsinoe, Cyprus

Venerable Baradates, Hermit near Antioch

Holy Nine Children of Kola, Georgia

Guarami, Adarnasi, Bakari, Vache, Bardzini, Dachi, Djuansheri, Ramazi, and Parsmani.

Leontius of Lycia

Babylus and his wife Comnita, of Nicosa

Peter the Stylite of Mount Athos

Paschasius, Bishop of Vienne in France

Maximianus, Bishop of Ravenna

Elwin, Missionary to Cornwall

John the Saxon

Abbot of Athelney

Raynerius of Beaulieu near Limoges, France

Herman, founder of Stolobny Monastery, Novgorod

Simon (Todorsky) of the Kiev Caves Lavra, Professor of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Archbishop of Pskov

New Hieromartyr Michael Lisitsyn of Ust-Labinskaya (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs Joseph Smirnov and Vladimir Ilinsky (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs John Kastorsky and John Perebaskin of Kostroma-Galich (+1918)

New Martyr Blessed Theoktista Mikhailovna, Fool-for-Christ, of Voronezh (+1936)

New Hieromartyrs Michael Gorbunov, John Orlov, Victor Morigerovsky, John Parushnikov, Sergius Belokurov, Andrew Yasenev, and Paul Smirnov (+1938)

New Hieromartyrs Sergius Bukashkin and Antipas Kirillov (+1938)

Virgin-martyrs Elizabeth Timokhin, Irene Smirnov, and Barbara Losev (+1938)

Virgin-martyr Parasceva Makarov (+1938)

Martyrs Stephen Frantov and Nicholas Nekrasov (+1938)

Martyrs Leonid Salkov and Peter Antonov, of Alma-Ata (+1938)

Martyr Andrew Gnevishev of Tver (+1941)

New Hieromartyr Philaret Pryakin (+1942)

Repose of Righteous Gregory (“Golden Grits”) Miroshnikov of Sednev

Repose of Schemanun Avramia of Kashin

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