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Saints and Feasts:

Eustathius, Bishop of Antioch

Timothy the Righteous of Symbola in Bithynia

John III, Patriarch of Constantinople

Zachariah, Patriarch of Jerusalem

George the Bishop of Amastris on the Black Sea

John “Scholasticus”, Patriarch of Constantinople

Maximianus, Archbishop of Ravenna and Confessor

Vitalina the Nun

Hieromartyr Severian, Bishop of Scythopolis in Palestine

Venerable Andreas and Anatolios of the Church of Jerusalem, disciples of Euthymius the Great

Felix of Metz, Bishop of Metz in France

Severus and Sixty-Two Companion martyrs in Syrmium in Pannonia

Alexander of Adrumetum, martyred with others in North Africa

Martyrs Verulus, Secundinus, Siricius, Felix, Servulus, Saturninus, Fortunatus and Companions, martyrs in North Africa

Paterius, Bishop of Brescia

Pepin of Landen, Duke of Brabant

Ercongotha of Faremoutiers-en-Brie

Gundebert, Bishop of Sens in France and Founder of Senones

Germanus, Abbot of Granfield in the Val Moutier in Switzerland, martyred monk Randoald

Avitus II, Bishop of Clermont in Auvergne

Valerius, Abbot of San Pedro de Montes

Macarius, Hieroschemamonk of Glinsk Hermitage

New Hieromartyrs Alexander Vislyansky, Daniel Alferov and Gregory Klebanov (+1930)

New Hieromartyrs Constantine Pyatikrestovsky and Paul Shirokogorov (+1938)

Virgin-Martyr Olga Koshelev (+1939)

“Kozelshchina” (Kolzelshchanskaya) Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

Repose of Blessed Simon (Todorsky), Bishop of Pskov

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