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Saints and Feasts:

Crescens the Martyr of Myra in Lycia

Leonidas, Bishop of Athens

Michael the New Martyr of Smyrna

The 9 Monk-martyrs of Corinth

Martyrs Basilissa and Anastasia of Rome, disciples of Apostles Peter and Paul

Martyr Sukia (Suchias) and nineteen companions with him, including Andrew, Anastasius, Thalaleus, Theodoretus, Ivchirion, Jordan, Quadratus, Lucian, Mimnenus, Nerangius, Polyeuctus, Jacob, Phocas, Domentianus, Victor, and Zosima (Chorimos), of Georgia, in Armenia

Hieromartyr Theodore and martyr Pausilippus of Thrace

Martyrs Maximus and Olympiada, in Persia

Ephraim the Great of Atsquri

Martyrs Maro, Eutyches and Victorinus, at Rome, under Trajan

Martyr Eutychius, in Ferentino in Italy

5 year old Child-martyr Laurentinus Sossius, martyred on Good Friday in Valrovina near Vicenza in Italy

Paternus, Bishop and Founder of Llanbadarn Fawr near Aberystwyth in Wales

Ruadhan, Founder and Abbot of Lothra (Ireland)

Silvester, Abbot of Moutier-Saint-Jean (Réome) near Dijon in France

Hunna, self-sacrificing wife of a nobleman in Alsace, France

Nidger, Abbot of Ottobeuren Abbey in Bavaria and Bishop of Augsburg in Germany

Mundus, Abbot of Argyll in Scotland

Mstislav-Theodore, Prince of Kiev

Venerable Basil of Moldovita, Igumen of Moldovița Monastery and Wonderworker

Venerable Dionysius of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky of the Nikitsky Monastery

Hieromartyr Ananias Lambardis, Metropolitan Bishop of Lacedaemonia

Basil of Poiana Mărului

Righteous Daniel of Achinsk, Siberia

Venerable Nikandrus of Sinai, from Castelorizos

New Hieromartyr Alexander Gnevushev (+1930)

Repose of Metropolitan Sergius Voskresensky of Vilnius and Lithuania (+1944)

Repose of Hieroschemamonk Michael Pitkevich of Valaam and Pskov Caves, the last Elder of Valaam (+1962)

Repose of Bishop Stephen Nikitin of Kaluga (+1963)

Translation of the Holy Relics of Venerable Joseph the Gerontoyiannis

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