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Saints and Feasts:

Augustine the Blessed, Bishop of Hippo

Amos the Prophet

Jerome (Hieronymus) of Stridonium, author of the Vulgate

Fortunatus, Achaicus, and Stephen the Apostles

Right-believing Prince Lazar the Great Martyr of Serbia

Jonah of Moscow, Metropolitan and Wonderworker of all Russia

Martyrs Vitus (Guy), Modestus, and Crescentia at Lucania

Dulas the Passion-Bearer of Egypt

Martyr Dulas of Cilicia

Orsiesius of Tabenna, disciple of Saint Pachomius the Great

Venerable Gregory and Cassian the Abbots of Avnezhk in Vologda

Michael, the first Metropolitan of Kiev

Archbishop Symeon of Novgorod

Ephraim the Bulgarian, Patriarch of Serbia

Virgin Martyrs Leonis, Libye, and Eutropia, and their mother, who suffered in Palmyra of Syria

Abraham, Abbot of Auvergne in Gaul

Martyr Grace

Joseph of Bethlehem, the monk

Job Kundria of Ugolka, Archimandrite (+1985)


Sabbas of Vatopedi, Mt. Athos

Cyril the Wonderworker

Martyr Benildis, from Cordoba in Spain

Constantine, Bishop of Beauvais

Edburgh of Winchester

Landelinus, founder of monasteries in France and Belgium

Domitian and Hadelin, disciples of Saint Landelinus at Lobbes in Belgium

Melan, Bishop of Viviers in France

Trillo (Drel), of Gwynedd, Wales

Vouga (Fiech), hermit near Lesneven, Brittany

Cedronus, Patriarch of Alexandria

Martyr Hesychius the Soldier of Dorostolum and two others in Moesia

Spyridon, Patriarch of Serbia

Martyr Isoecus

All New Martyrs of Serbia

Translation of the relics of Saint Theodore the Sykeote

Repose of Jonah, the Fool-for-Christ of Peshnosha Monastery

Icon of the Mother of God “Marianica”

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