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Saints and Feasts:

Artemius the Great Martyr of Antioch

Gerasimus of Cephalonia

Matrona the Righteous of Chios

Righteous Child Artemius of Verkhol

Eboris and Enoes of Persia

Zebinas, Herman, Nicephorus and Antoninus

Mantho the Virgin

Basil, Bishop of Trebizond

Translation of the Holy Relics of St. Gregory Kallides

Aborsam and Senoe, of Persia

Acca, Abbot and Bishop of St Andrew’s in Hexham

Aderald of Troyes in France, Builder of the Holy Sepulchre at Samblières

Aidan, Bishop in Mayo in Ireland

Bernard of Bagnorea, Bishop of Vulcia in Tuscany in Italy

Bradan and Orora, Two saints venerated in the Isle of Man

Martyr Caprasius of Agen in the south of France

Felician, Bishop of Foligno in Italy and Enlightener of Umbria

Irene, nun in Portugal, in Santarem

Martha, Saula and Companions, Martyrs in Cologne in Germany

Maximus, Deacon of Aquila in the south of Italy of Decius. He is venerated as the patron-saint of Aquila.

Sindulf, Hermit in Aussonce near Rheims in France

Vitalis, Abbot of St Peter’s in Salzburg and Archbishop

Greatmartyr Artemius of Verkolsk

Repose of Hieromonk Theodosius of Svyatogorsk Monastery

Repose of Abbot Theodosius (Popov) of Optina (+1903)

Hieromartyr Nicholas Lyubomudrov, priest of Latskoye village, Yaroslavl (+1918)

New Hieromartyrs German Bishop of Alatyr, Zosima, John, John, John, Nicolos, Leonid, John and Alexander priests, Michael, Peter and Paul (+1937)

Translation of the relics of New Monk-martyr Ignatius of Bulgaria and Mt. Athos from Constantinople to Mt. Athos.

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