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Saints and Feasts:

Antipas, Bishop of Pergamum, disciple of St. John the Theologian

Pharmuthius the Recluse, Anchorite of Egypt

Martyrs Processus and Martinian of Rome

Hieromartyr Domninus, Bishop of Salona in Dalmatia, and eight soldiers with him

Philip, Bishop of Gortyna on Crete

Venerable-Martyr Bacchus, of the Great Lavra of St. Sabbas the Sanctified

Venerable John, disciple of Venerable Gregory of Decapolis

Venerable Tryfaini and Matrona of Cyzicus

Machai, Founder of the Isle of Bute in Scotland

Isaac of Spoleto, Monteluco

Maedhog (Aedhan, Mogue), Abbot of Clonmore in Ireland

Guthlac, Hermit of Crowland, England

Agericus (Aguy, Airy), Abbot of St Martin’s in Tours

Godebertha, Abbess of Noyon

George, Founder of the Monastery of Saint John Chrysostomos, Koutsovendis, in Cyprus

Venerable James, Abbot of Zhelezny Bor and his fellow ascetic James of Bryleevsk

Venerable Euthymius and Chariton, Abbots of Syanzhema (Vologda)

Barsanuphius, Bishop of Tver

Venerable Callinicus of Cernica (Kallinikos), Bishop of Rimnic in Romania

New Martyrs Peter Zhukov and Prochorus Mikhailov of Tver (+1918)

New Hieromartyr Nicholas Gavarin (+1938)

Commemoration of the Appearance of the Most Holy Theotokos at Pochaev, and the Leaving of her sacred Footprint there

Bizhevska Icon of the Mother of God at Zhytomyr

Repose of Elder Eulogius of St. George Kellion, Mt. Athos (+1948)

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