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Saints and Feasts:

Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

Athenodoros the Martyr of Mesopotamia

Righteous Father Gerasimus, Ascetic of Euboia

Anthony the Abbot of Siya, Novgorod

Nilus of Stolbensk Lake

John the Faster of the Kiev Near Caves

Athenodorus of Mesopotamia

Venerable Paul the Obedient

Philothea of Arges, the Protectress of Romania

Gregory the Founder of Grigoriou Monastery of Mt Athos

Isidorus, Akepsimas and Leo

Ammoun of Nitria

Gaius and Gaianus

300 Martyrs of Africa

Orthodox Martyrs burnt in Church

Holy Two Priests

Holy 60 Priests

Holy Woman who martyred in Rome

Ignatius the Monk

Holy Apostle Tychicus

Martyrs Neophytus and Dometius

Martyrs Priscus, Martin, and Nicholas, near Blachernae.

Martyrs Gaianos and Gaina

Urban, Bishop of Teano in Campania, the Confessor

Victor, Bishop of Piacenza

Anianus (Agnan, Aignan), Bishop of Chartres in France

Martin of Saujon

Servus the Martyr

Buithe (Buite, Boethius), founder of Monasterboice in Ireland

Burgundofara (Fara), founder of Faremoutiers Abbey

Diuma, Bishop of the Mercians and Middle Anglians

Hieromartyr Sergius Galkovsky (+1917)

Hieromartyr Antonius Popov, Priest (+1918)

Hieromartyr Andronic (+1918)

Hiero-confessor Ambrose (Polyansky), Bishop of Kamenets-Podolsk (+1932)

Hieromartyrs Sergius Goloshapov, Michael Uspensky and Sergius Uspensky (+1937)

Hieromartyrs Nikiphor Litvin and Galaction Urbanowicz-Novikov (+1937)

Martyr Joanna Demidova (+1937)

Hieromartyrs Peter Krestov and Basil Mirozhin (+1941)

Consecration of the Church of the Theotokos in the district of the Curator, Constantinople

“Seligersk” (Vladimirsk) Icon of the Mother of God

Repose of Abbot Gabriel of Valaam (+1910)

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