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Saints and Feasts:

Agrippina the Martyr of Rome

Holy Martyrs Aristocleus the Priest

Demetrius the Deacon and Athanasius the Reader

Holy New Martrys Archpriest of Crete Gerasimus, Knossos Neophyte, Xepponessos Ioachim, Lampe Hierotheus, Seteia Zacharius, Kisamos Melchisadek, Piopoleos Kallinicus and Those Martyred with Them

Mark, Bishop of Ephesus

Martyrs Eustochius, Gaius, Probus, Lollius, and Urban of Ancyra

Righteous Youth Artemius of Verkolsk

Abbots Joseph, Anthony, and Ioannicus of Vologda

Michael of Klops Monastery, the Fool-for-Christ

Barbarus of Pentapolis

Commemoration of All New Martyrs of Crete during the Revolution of 1821

Daniel of the Patron Castle

Nicetas of Thebes

Audrey (Etheldreda), Abbess of Ely

Felix of Sutri

Hidulf, co-founder of Lobbes Monastery

James, Bishop of Toul, France

Hieromartyr John of Rome

Moeliai, Abbot of Nendrum

Walhere, Martyr of Belgium

Dionysius of Polotsk

Russian New Martyr Leonty, Bishop of Enotaevsa (+1919)

New-Martyr Maxim, Bishop of Serpukhov (+1931)

New Hieromartyr Mitrophan, Archbishop of Astrakhan (+1919)

New Hieromartyrs Alexander, Alexis, Peter (+1918)

Synaxis of the Saints of Vladimir

Icon of the Mother of God “Tenderness” of the Pskov Caves

Meeting of the Vladimir Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos

Translation of the relics of Saint Herman, Archbishop of Kazan

Repose of Schemamonk Zosimas of Solovki

Repose of the Venerable Hermitess Christina (+2012)

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